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The driver has to be 23 years old in possession of a valid driving license for at last 3 years. 


Insurance covers the rental car, the driver, the passengers, and the third person liability. If you rent car in Tbilisi the insurance does not cover damage deliberately caused to the car's interior (damage to the seats, upholstery, torpedo, etc.), and does not apply to damage to tires, side mirrors, exterior accessories. Any damage caused to a car or passengers when driving in conditions of severe off-road does not apply to insurance and is not covered! The same goes for driving in a state of intoxication: you will have to pay 100% of the amount, which will cost the car repair, and fully compensate the third party liability.

THIRD PARTY LIABILITY (TPL) - Included in rental price

This is a mandatory type of insurance included in the rental price. Insurance pays to the injured party if the rental driver is at fault.

COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER (CDW) - Included in rental price

This is a full deductible insurance. Franchise - the amount of responsibility of the tenant.

The damage is compensated by both parties: the tenant and the insurance company. Suppose the franchise is $ 200, and the car received $ 1,500 damage. The entire deposit goes completely to cover the damage, the rest is reimbursed by the insurance company. If the damage in the car is insignificant, for example, for 150 USD, then this amount is deducted from the deposit, the remaining will be returned to the customer at the end of the rental period.

SUPER SDW - is on request

Additional insurance protects the rental car completely from any damage which occurs during the road traffic accident. Scratches, side mirrors and tires are not insured separately!   

Attention! If the customer leaves the scene of the accident, or is intoxicated - the effect of the insurance is canceled!

If an accident occurs, you must immediately inform the company and call the police.

When road traffic police issues documents of the accident, a copy of the protocol of the event should be submitted to car rental company.

Traffic Police officer should check you for the presence of alcohol in the blood. The act on this verification should be included in the list of documents provided to the insurance company!  


Delivery/Collection service is on request. Within the city limits, the delivery or collection service in Tbilisi is free of charge, Kutaisi or Batumi Deivery/collection is extra charge. 


All vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel and should be refilled prior returning them to GSS Car Rental.


Customers can pay the rental amount by cash or by major international debit cards (Visa, MasterCard). The deposit of 200 USD must be left only in cash.