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Rent a Car in Georgia

We are a car rental company based in Tbilisi, Georgia, established to provide tourists with a car to fit most needs and budgets, from a strong jeep to tackle the rough roads in the mountains to an economical car for a trip to the beach, we offer quality cars that provide value. Our team speaks English, Russian and is ready to assist you in planning your next road trip. With 24/7 customer service and pickup and drop-off at the location of your choice, nothing can be more convenient. Rest assured that our vehicle fleet is insured and well maintained in our own professional car repair facility where each car is serviced and refreshed before you receive it

Our car fleet mainly consists of Japanese made SUV’s, the company has various models of cars including sedans and minivans which are in good technical condition. Any of them you can use without any restrictions. GSS Car Rental is the best choice for those who are interested in car rental in Georgia. We always offer our customers the best conditions and the best service.

Our Car Rental provides 24/7 Roadside Assistance when the car breaks down, you run out of gas or you’re locked out, we help make it simple and easy to get back on the road and on your way! 

Use the Online Booking System in Order to Reserve a Car: 

· Choose Type of a Car Class and a Model;
· Use the Order Form on the Site;
· Fill in the Settings as Necessary;
· Get Confirmation from GSS Car Rental Representative.